"Barry was able to negotiate incredible economic terms and concessions while acting as our true advocate to accomplish all of our goals."

Leslie Kessler – Language & Voice Experience

About Tenant Consulting LLC

Tenant Consulting LLC was created in 2002 to address a client’s (the American Council of Life Insurers) concern about “tenant representation” firms representing two different tenants negotiating for the same block(s) of space in the same market. Tenant Consulting was created to insure its tenant brokerage services would be free of not only landlord conflicts, but also the conflicts of tenant only brokerage firms representing two tenants in the same market competing form the finite pool of concessions from the same landlords.

The Tenant Consulting team will negotiate in your best interest without landlord and or competing tenant conflict.

"Although we are a ten person non-profit, we were treated like a large conglomerate.”

Moira McGinty Klos – Ethics Resource Center

Why Tenant Consulting LLC

You should constantly be aware of the annual estimate of the costs the landlord would face upon your relocation: marketing time, lease negotiation downtime, rental abatement, a competitive build-out allowance, and construction costs for the new tenant. In the event your organization is content with your space’s configuration, design, efficiency, carbon footprint and message your space conveys to your customers, renegotiation in place can be a favorable option. The goal is to capture the annual concessions that the landlord would have provided to a new tenant in the event of vacancy.

Suzanne Ehlers
President & CEO PAI
Carolyn Gibb Vogel
Chief Operating Officer PAI
Sam DiCarlo
CFO FMI - StepDown™ Lease Method

"I had been in charge of almost a million square feet of office space real estate transactions while I was Assistant Secretary of Fish and Wildlife and Parks at the Interior Department. The first time the team left my office, I thought to myself, I just heard more creative ideas on how to save us money than I ever got out of my other real estate consultant in 10 years. So I hired them and it was the best decision I made during my time career.”

Don Barry, Esq and Executive Vice President – The Wilderness Society